InterSearch Brochure: This is a helpful summary of the work of InterSearch and the benefits of becoming a member. Feel free to download it to send to others or print off a copy to give to someone you think might be interested in joining.



Audience Dialogue: A great online resource put together by Dennis List, formerly of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). On this site you can learn about survey design, research techniques, managing research and evaluation.  

BBC Media Action Data Portal: A valuable resource with findings from research they have conducted in 13 countries. Perhaps most useful of all is the inclusion of actual surveys used to help others improve their survey and question design.



Media Audience Research: A Guide for Professionals: This is an excellent and easy to understand book written by Graham Mytton (an InterSearch member), Peter Diem and Piet Hein van Dam. It covers the basics of Quantitative and Qualitative research for broadcasters, and goes on to explore the ways in which the Internet is changing the way we can carry out research.